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Anytime.  Anywhere.  Results in 48 hours.

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— Name, Title

WARNING! If any words you've typed are underlined in red, or if your computer is giving yo
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Signing up is Easy

Step One:

Step Two:

Pay and Register. Payment will be accepted automatically, but login information will be sent manually. Send payment at least 12 hours before you plan on writing the test.  

Step Three: 

Sign in to Moodle, download the ProctorFree application, read the Privacy Policy, and disable all grammar-checking software.  If you are not comfortable downloading applications onto your computer, you can watch a video tutorial here.

Step Four:

Write the Test.  You can write the test at any time in any quiet place as long as your computer is compatible. Please note that headphones and/or paper-based note taking are not permitted.  The test will take about one hour and twenty minutes.

Student Paper Writing

I chose Powell English Testing because the test can be completed at any time.  Powell English Testing helped me a lot.  Now I can sign up for my courses.

Prabhjot M.

Powell English Testing helped me complete the requirements to start my course.  It was quick, easy, and practical.

Jessica D.

Powell English Testing helped me enroll in my course. The test was interesting, and all the questions were so clear. It was great, and I’m very satisfied.

Khushboo G.

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