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Register for the Powell English Test

This form must be completed by the test writer.  Payment does not need to be sent by the test writer. If you are sending payment on someone's behalf, fill out their name and email address and select a test. On the next page, your can input your payment information.  Powell English Testing will contact the test writer to fill out the rest of this form.

Test writers: If you do not understand any of the below-mentioned information, use a translator, ask for assistance, or contact us.

Please ensure that you need to take this test before you register. An administration fee of at least $15 will apply to any refund. You can find our refund policy here.

Select an item (C$)

Your login information will be valid for 90 days.


If you are taking the test for the first time, select "First Attempt". If you have taken the test before, select "Retest".  Please note that there is no required waiting period between the first attempt and the second. However, if you would like to take the test for a third time, you must wait three months and write the test in a supervised testing centre. If you would like to take the test for a fourth time, you must wait six months, and write in a testing centre.  After that, you must wait a year between each test, and you must write in a testing centre. 


Please upload a photo of your ID. Some examples of photo identification include a drivers license, passport, status card, or BC ID card.  Take a close-up photo and save it as a png or jpeg file. Do not include yourself in the photo. Ensure that your picture and birth date can be seen clearly. Click here for an example of an acceptable photo. 

The photo may be shared with your academic institution in order to confirm identity.

Upload File

Please wait while you are directed to the payment page

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