Privacy Policy

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The following personal information will be collected by Powell English Testing and a software company called Mettl:

-First and last name

-Email address

-Photo of your picture ID (you can cover everything except your name and picture)

-Any information you write in your test answers

-Audio, video, and still frames collected during your test proctoring

Powell English Testing may also ask for your birth date for identification purposes.

Mettl will share the information they collect with Powell English Testing, and Powell English Testing will share your test results with your academic institution. Any of the above information may also be shared with your academic institution in order to prove identification, provide examples of language competency, or reveal evidence of academic dishonesty.

Ensure that you read and understand Mettl’s Privacy Notice and GDPR Compliance  If you have questions regarding the policy, email 

If you would like to write your test in a supervised testing centre instead of taking part in online proctoring, please click here.

You can pay for the test using credit card or PayPal. Credit card payments are made using Stripe. Please read Stripe's privacy policy here, and read PayPal's privacy policy here.

Do you have questions about the collection of personal information or the process of data collection and storage?  Contact Mettl with questions regarding their policies:


Do you have questions about the policies of Powell English Testing? Contact