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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to write the test?
    The test will take approximately two hours. You will receive your login information within 12 hours of sending payment. Your test link will be valid for three months.
  • When can I write the test?
    You will receive the test link by email within 12 hours of sending payment. You may write the test at any time in any quiet place. This includes evenings and weekends. Please note that headphones and/or paper-based note taking are not permitted. You will need to write the test in one sitting. The test link is valid for three months.
  • What do I need to write the test?
    You need a computer with a webcam and microphone. Online proctoring is powered by ProctorFree. It will use screen-recording software and your webcam. You will need to use a computer, not a phone or tablet. You will need to download the ProctorFree application before you write the test. You will receive all of the information regarding downloading the application once you've paid and registered for the test. You will need a piece of picture ID with you when you write the test. You will need to hold it up for a photo. The name on your ID must be written using the English alphabet.
  • When and how will I get my test results?
    Once you've completed your test, you will receive your results within 48 hours. Your results will be sent in a PDF document by email. Your academic institution will receive your test results directly from Powell English Testing. Test results are valid for two years.
  • How much does it cost to write the test?
    The test costs $90 CAD. Payments can be made using credit card or PayPal.
  • What score do I need to pass?
    A passing score is 65/100. Your test results will be sent to your academic institution on your behalf. ​ If you do not pass the test, there is a retest available. You can register for it as soon as you receive your test results. If you don’t pass the retest, you will need to take the English 12 Academic Upgrading Course offered by the BC Ministry of Education before you write the test again. You can find information about the course here:
  • How is the test structured?
    The test is made up of the following sections: listening, grammar, writing, reading, speaking, and dictation. The test includes the following question types: multiple choice, short answer, spoken answer and paragraph answer. See the test outline for more details.
  • What is your academic dishonesty policy?
    Powell English Testing has a zero-tolerance policy regarding academic dishonesty. If an assessor deems that academic dishonesty has taken place, an automatic failing grade will be given and the test writer's academic institution will be notified. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, plagiarizing, looking up answers, having help with the test, and/or having another person write the test. Use of any outside sources while writing the test is prohibited. If you are accused of academic dishonesty, you will not be permitted to write the test again. Grammar checking software, such as Grammarly, is not permitted. Ensure that any such software is disabled before you begin the test.
  • I have a disability. Can I request accommodations?
    Yes. First, you’ll need to have your disability documented with your school. Once you’ve done that, email We will contact your school and discuss possible accommodations. Please note: Writing a paper-based test and/or having a scribe are not possible options.
  • Will my test link expire?
    Yes. Test links are valid for three months. If your test link expires and you wish to write the test, you will need to pay again.
  • Will my test results expire?
    Yes. Your test results will be valid for two years.
  • Can I use headphones?
    No, headphones are not permitted.
  • Can I take notes using a piece of paper?
    No, taking notes on paper is not permitted. However, you can type notes into any of the text boxes that you will find in the test.
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