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Test Information and Preparation

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The following information will help you prepare for the Powell English Assessment:

See below for more test information

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Signing up is Easy

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three: 

Step Four:

Signing up is Easy

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three: 

Step Four:

Pay and Register. Payment will be accepted automatically, but login information will be sent manually. Send payment at least 12 hours before you plan on writing the test.  

Receive your login information by email. This may take up to 12 hours.  No other registration is required.  

Sign in to Moodle, download the ProctorFree application, 
read the Privacy Policy, and disable all grammar-checking software.  If you are not comfortable downloading applications onto your computer, you can watch a video tutorial here.


Write the Test.  You can write the test at any time in any quiet place as long as your computer is compatible. Please note that headphones and/or paper-based note taking are not permitted.  You will need picture ID to prove your identification. The test will take about two hours.

Test Information

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​Powell English Testing is an online English assessment used by businesses and higher education facilities to ensure that their applicants meet specific English language requirements. 


The test includes six sections: listening, grammar, writing, reading, speaking, and dictation. The test is written online from anywhere. It can be written at any time.  This includes evenings and weekends.


The fee to write the test is $90.  You can pay and register here.


When your payment has been processed, you will receive login information by email. Once you've downloaded the ProctorFree application, you may write the test at any time. However, you must complete the test in one sitting, and the test must be completed within two hours.  The test link will expire three months after payment is sent.

You will need a computer with a webcam and microphone. Online proctoring is powered by ProctorFree. It will use screen-recording and webcam-recording software. Please read their privacy policy.


You will need a piece of picture ID with you when you write the test.  You will be required to hold it up for a photo. The name on your ID must be written using the English alphabet.

You can read more about online proctoring here.

Academic Dishonesty Policy


Powell English Testing does not tolerate academic dishonesty. If your exam grader concludes that academic dishonesty has taken place, an automatic failing grade will be given and you will not be permitted to write the test again. Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, plagiarizing*, looking up answers, having someone help you with the test and/or having someone write the test for you.

While you are writing the test, your face will be recorded using your webcam. Ensure that your face is clearly visible at all times. Do not look away from your screen. Do not leave your computer.  If your webcam is attached to your screen, do not adjust your screen up or down once you've started the test.  Headphones are not permitted. Grammar-checking software, such as Grammarly, is not permitted. Ensure that any such software is disabled before you begin the test.


Your screen will also be recorded.  If you visit any websites other than the testing window, an automatic failing grade will be given. 

If a failing grade is given for academic dishonesty, your academic institution will be notified. This may jeopardize your chances of gaining admission in the future.

*Plagiarism: The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.

Passing Scores

A passing score is 65/100.

Your test score will be sent to your institution on your behalf.

If you do not pass the test, you can take a retest. The fee to write the retest is $90.


If you don’t pass the retest, you will need to take the English 12 Academic

Upgrading Course offered by the BC Ministry of Education before you write

the test again. You can find information about the course here.


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