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Online Proctoring

There are two ways to have your test proctored.  You can use online video proctoring, or you can write your test in a supervised testing centre. 


Online Proctoring

Online proctoring is powered by ProctorFree. It will use screen-recording software and your webcam. You will need to use a computer, not a phone or tablet. 


The first step is to read the privacy policy and register. Within 12 hours, you will be sent a link to sign in, download the ProctorFree application, and begin the test.


We suggest that you download the application before you plan to write the test as you may need time to update your browser or arrange to borrow a computer if yours is not compatible.


If you have having trouble downloading the application, technical assistance is available via live chat. See the video below for more information about downloading the application.

If you've logged in and/or downloaded the app, and you decide that you do not want to write the test, you are entitled to a partial refund. Please see more about our refund policy here.

If you choose online proctoring, you will need to disable all grammar-checking software on your computer.

Supervised Testing Centres

If you do not wish to use online proctoring, you may write your test in testing centre. This may require an extra fee paid directly to the testing centre. 

Most universities, colleges, and public libraries offer test-proctoring services. You can contact the location that's most convenient for you and ask about their services. Email to have your preferred testing centre approved. Then make an appointment with the testing centre.  Email again with your appointment date and time. 


Watch the video below if you are not familiar with downloading applications onto your computer.

Student Paper Writing

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Prabhjot M.

Powell English Testing helped me complete the requirements to start my course.  It was quick, easy, and practical.

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Powell English Testing helped me enroll in my course. The test was interesting, and all the questions were so clear. It was great, and I’m very satisfied.

Khushboo G.

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