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Powell English Testing

Make Informed Hiring/Admissions Decisions


Tests can be written anywhere with a computer, a quiet room, and a reliable Internet connection.

The test is available 24/7.

The test link is sent within 12 hours of signing up.

Results are sent within 48 hours.

Reliable and Valid

All tests are proctored with a webcam, audio, and screen monitoring to prevent academic dishonesty.

Thousands of people have written the Powell English Assessment. It has been thoroughly checked for reliability and validity.

The test is unbiased as our impartial assessors haven't been involved in other aspects of the hiring/admissions process.


The test can be customized to meet the needs of your school or business.


For example: 

A nursing school may wish to include an article similar to what can be found in a nursing textbook.

A business may wish to include a section on business-email writing and an article with vocabulary and jargon that their employees encounter on a regular basis.

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Using Powell English Testing ensures that your candidates meet your specific English language requirements. It’s a proctored online test that evaluates all areas of language acquisition. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes to complete, and results are sent within 48 hours. 


Language abilities are difficult to assess during a job or school admissions interview. This is true for native English language speakers as well as people who speak English as an additional language. This test will help you determine which candidates meet your English requirements so that you can make informed hiring/admissions decisions.

Powell English Testing has helped Pacific Rim Early Childhood Institute assess over two thousand students and prevented hundreds of unqualified students from entering their program. We can help you too.

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